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It is not ‘Coaching’ in the way it is normally understood. It is about learning together in friendship. Learning together in which the line between the coach and the learner is there when it is, and also falls away as we experience a seamlessness. The coach also learns as he inspires and mirrors vulnerably the coachee’s dilemma/ challenge.




Sharmeen Khalid 
CHRO, Info Edge (Parent company of Naurki, 99acres, Jeevansathi) 

“The learning program is unique in many ways. Firstly, there are no rigid frameworks, mandatory coaching hours or a strict set of do’s and don’t’s. Secondly, the format is based on some very simple principles that intuitively seem very right and we can all relate to them. Thirdly the trio of Kiran, Arjun and Rohit bring in very diverse and complementary value to the table. Kiran brings a lot of power to the program with his innate sense of clarity and explores areas where you wouldn’t go yourself. Arjun has a certain calmness around him and next level listening skills that help you dive deep and Rohit brings in a lot of wisdom, much beyond his age or years of experience. The format also introduces you to many people who are on a similar journey to becoming effective coaches and that in itself is a great learning experience.”

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