Tao of inspiring

Tao of Inspiring
1st to 3rd December, Delhi

The Tao of Inspiring is a retreat to discover the art of coaching and learning together as friends. A journey where coaching, facilitation, leadership, counselling and healing converge.
Because inspiration is about being in spirit together. 


Discover insights to be more effective leaders by connecting with your true  nature and real strengths.

Learn to build and nurture key relationships at home and work; most  importantly the relationship with yourself.

Learn to calm your mind and listen to your intuition.

Understand the wisdom beneath emotions and effectively navigate through  them.


Participants who play the game qualify to be certified in using the Caravan Serai game for their coaching practice or training workshops.



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Kiran is the founder of CoEvolve Tao and has been in the field of developing facilitators, coaches & leaders since 1996.
He has coached CEOs & their teams. He also develops coaches who coach CXOs. He enjoys  co-creating with leaders &  facilitators. A large Tao community has emerged from 23 years of his work of love. He is a Partner Trainer of the Barrett Values Centre.  After IIT & XLRI he took at leap to follow his heart.

Kiran Gulrajani


Details of the event

Contribution: Rs.25,000
Date: December 2019 (Saturday)
Venue: Delhi (yet to be decided)

You will be gifted one seat to bring a friend along. The game is about the artistry of learning together as friends.


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