Radical Coaching Journey

What is Radical Coaching Journey?

Radical Coaching Journey is a unique offering where you will get to be coached on things that matter the most to you  (by 3 coaches) and also simultaneously get to learn the art of coaching which will enable you to support yourself and others to navigate through challenging situations.

Why radical coaching?

There are times in life when no knowledge, process or frameworks can help us get past a barrier that our silent presence can effortlessly help us get through. This coaching journey is about discovering the wisdom of this silent presence within us.

What is unique about this?

It is not ‘Coaching’ in the way it is normally understood. It is about learning together in friendship. Learning together in which the line between the coach and the learner is there when it is, and also falls away as we experience seamlessness. The coach also learns as he inspires and mirrors vulnerably the coachee’s dilemma/ challenge.

It is unique in the following design aspects as well:

·         Getting coached & learning coaching simultaneously

·         Getting coached by 3 coaches with varying coaching styles yet amazing complementarity

·         Opportunity to learn from peers

·         Coaching that honours frameworks yet goes much beyond it.

The Process (How)

We start with a 2-hour zoom session that looks at key skills, perspectives and ways of being that becomes the pillar of this coaching journey.

The zoom session is followed by a 3-month coaching journey in which each participant will get an opportunity to be coached by 3 coaches on the key challenges that are holding them back in their personal and professional journey. There will also be an opportunity to learn from peers and contribute to their journey. Here are the 4 elements of this coaching journey:

  • ·         1 on 1 coaching

  • ·         Peer coaching

  • ·         Group coaching

  • ·         Practice + reflection time

Key Takeaways

This is a coaching journey designed to support the participants to grow inside-out. It helps them discover and express the best in them. Here are some of the key takeaways from this coaching journey:

  Inner Journey (Intangible elements)

·         Emotions: Understand the wisdom beneath emotions and effectively navigate through them.

·         Relationships: Learn to build and nurture key relationships at home and work; most importantly the relationship with yourself.

·         Spiritual Growth: Learn to calm your mind and listen to your intuition.

Inspiring Journey (Tangible elements)

5 skills of heartful connections 

1) Deep Listening

2) Authentic Speaking​

3) Questioning From Wonder And Curiosity ​

4) Generous Silence ​

5) Heartful Acknowledgement And Appreciation

5 steps of Radical Coaching

1) Deep Diving to Unknown ​

2) Fresh Revelation ​

3) Mirroring: Learning together

4) Helicopter view ​

5) Next action step