Meditation by the Sea

Wholehearted Living

A 7 session online deep dive to bring your whole heart to your passion, money, time, relationships, health, home and Self.

90 minutes session on Zoom every Saturday and Sunday from 6th June to 28th June


Do you get too busy focusing on some aspects of your life and missing out on the rest?

Well, you are not alone. 
Most of us are caught up in the busy trap.

Being busy makes us feel important. But it’s also burning us out. It makes us ignore many vital areas of our life like our health, relationships, our heartsong and many more.

It need not be the case anymore. We have designed Wholehearted living to support you have a happy and balanced life.


The seven themes that we will explore are :

Intimate Relationships

Relationship with body & health

Relationship with Time

Relationship with Money

Relationship with Heartsong

Living in Freedom

Home & Work integration


We are a team of four coaches who believe joy and harmony in life can be discovered together.

Join a peer group of mavericks across 7 sessions (4 weekends) of experiential calls, self-paced online content and WhatsApp coaching to learn together as friends.